Admission Requirements and Coursework

Admission Requirements

To join our Ph.D. program, students must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale, and a minimum verbal plus quantitative score of 300 on the Graduate Record Examination.  International students should also have minimum scores of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL; 90/120 on the computerized TOEFL). Three letters of recommendation must also be provided by professors familiar with the student’s coursework or academic employment, initiative and character.


Our Ph.D. program includes preparation of a grant proposal for pursuing original research of distinction, conducting the research, presentations of the research in seminars and at conferences, participation in journal clubs, and writing a dissertation. Didactic training includes core courses in the anatomy, histology, embryology and physiology of the musculoskeletal system, body cavities and nervous system, including labs and clinical correlations. Students subsequently assist with one of these courses, providing them with valuable teaching experience for pursuing an academic career. Other courses include core and elective courses in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology and statistics. Stipends are available for outstanding candidates.

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An Outline for a Model Curriculum for the Ph.D. Program in Cellular Biology and Anatomy


(³ 5 credit hours of electives are required)

Group 1 (offered in Spring):

CEBIO 262 Human Structural Biology (Musculosketal, Head & Neck) (3 credits, L)

CEBIO 265 Human Neuroanatomy (2 credits, L)

Group 2 (offered in Spring):

IDSP 213 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences I, Renal System (1 credit, L)

IDSP 214 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences I, Respiratory System (1 credit, L)

IDSP 217 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences II, Endocrine System (1 credit, L)

IDSP 218 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences II, Nervous System (2 credits, L)

Group 3 (offered in Summer):

IDSP 219 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences, Inflammation, Immunity, & Infection (1 credit, L)

CEBIO 260 Comprehensive Human Structural Biology (5 credits, L)

*Note: CEBIO 260 can be substituted for the CEBIO 261 and 262 courses

Group 4 (offered in Fall):

IDSP 112 Basic Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology II (2 credits, L)

IDSP 212 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences I, Cardiovascular System (2 credits, L)

IDSP 216 Foundations of Biomedical Sciences II, GI System (1 credit, L)

CEBIO 266 Essential Neuroanatomy for Basic Scientists (2 credits, L)

Group 5 (offered in Spring):

IDSP 113 Genetics (1 credit, L)

IDSP 115 Molecular Signaling (1 credit, L)

IDSP 119 Gene Expression (1 credit, L)

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