Emeritus Faculty

Gary Bazer, Emeritus Associate Professor, Ph.D. 1978, LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport, Shreveport LA

John Beal, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH

Biography Dr. Gary Bazer was the first graduate student in the Department of Anatomy at LSU Medical School in Shreveport and is the first PhD graduate (1978) from our program. He has been and Educator in the Anatomy/Cell Biology Department for twenty-two years at two different periods in his career, primarily in the Gross Anatomy courses in for the Medical and Allied Health programs.

While there are presently approximately 125 medical students in the freshman class, there were only 32 students in the freshman medical class when he was a graduate student. Graduate students in the Department were required to take the first year of medical school prior to starting their research. He was given the duty of embalming cadavers after his first year and for several years thereafter.

Dr. Bazer is currently retired, but returns to teach part-time in both medical and allied health programs.

Biography Dr. John Beal is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio (Ph.D., Anatomy) and has over thirty years of service in the Department of Cellular Biology & Anatomy. He has had both NIH and NSF funding for his research on spinal cord neurogenesis and development. He has published extensively in this field and his work has been presented at both national and international meetings. Dr. Beal now devotes his full attention to teaching. He is the author of several teaching programs and has received numerous teaching awards from the medical school class including the “Copping Excellence in Teaching Award”

Dr. Beal presently teaches in several of our courses including Medical Neuroscience, Histology, Embryology, and Allied Health Neuroscience, as well as graduate departmental courses and IDSP courses.